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Forthcoming APC Rally Information

ACP Rally

The Association of Childhood Professionals (ACP) will be holding a rally on the 17th February outside the Dail.

This rally is aimed at highlighting the need for increased government funding and support for quality early childhood education and care in Ireland.

Click on the link below to read more about the rally on the ACP’s website.


A petition will be presented to The Taoiseach on the day of the rally. Please see your child’s teacher if you are interested in signing the petition.

Thanks for your support!

Bye for now.


Written by Brittany Burke

Brittany Burke

Brittany is originally from the United States where she held several lead positions across the early childhood, primary, and secondary education sectors. In addition to her lead teacher roles in several pre-schools, Brittany taught secondary level Language Arts and Social Studies. She later went on to teach primary school before moving to Ireland where she became a pre-school leader once again, and later went on to become Manager. Drawing on her past experiences both in writing curriculum and in teaching, Brittany is constantly working to enhance the curricular learning experiences offered at BEL Childcare.

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