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Wizzkids Afterschool Club

Secure and Stimulating

Our club will provide a secure, stimulating & homely environment for our hard working school goers to return to in the afternoon.

Happy & Nurtured

We understand how important it is for children to feel relaxed, happy and nurtured while in our care and aim to make our club a positive place for your child to grow.

It's Their Club

Children will be encouraged to make the club their own, ensuring it is a place they look forward to coming to every day.

Hours of Operation

During the school term, our WizzKids club will open Monday through Friday from 1.30pm to 6:00pm and welcomes all school going children, up to and including 12 years of age.

Opening hours during school holidays (Halloween, Mid-terms, Easter and Summer holidays) will run from 8.00am to 6.00pm.

What we offer

> Qualified and enthusiastic Early Years Educators and Activity leaders
> A collection service from local schools
> A nutritious hot meal and healthy snack served daily
> Supervised and assisted homework time
> Rest and relaxation zones
> Cosy library corner


Questions or Queries?

If you have any questions or queries in relation to our afterschool services please do not hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help!


Weekly Activities include

All =A  Juniors = J  Seniors = S

Outdoor play (A)
Arts & crafts (A)
Sports (A)
Drama (A)
Gaeilge galore (A)
Construction and DIY (A)
Spanish with native teacher (A)
Quizzes, games and puzzles (A)
Dress up time (J)
Book and writing Club (S)
Spelling club (A)



Storytime (J)
Free play - using age appropriate toys (A)
Supervised computer time (S)
Young scientist club (A)
Cooking and baking (A)
Film Fun (A)
Music and movement (A)
Excursions/ Trips (A)
English Language enrichment classes, on request (A)
Piano & Keyboard, on request (A)

More Information

Please refer to the Afterschool Handbook for details on what to bring, menus, activities, terms and conditions, etc.




Wizzkids Midterm & Summer Camps



English Classes